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Desk Meets Mat

Office Yoga & Corporate Wellness

Regular yoga practice reduced the chances of respiratory infections, like the flu, by 40-50%.
             - 2012 study in Madison, WI.
 U.S. companies lost  $300 Billion
to stress last year alone.
This staggering number comes from employee turnover, missed work days, diminished productivity, as well as direct medical, legal & insurance fees.
                                                -The American Institute for Stress
Our classes are specifically designed for people who sit at a desk all day
We target the upper neck and back aches that occure from hours spent at a computer, the wrist cramps that come from keyboard and mouse play, in addition to giving your emplyees stress reduction techniques that they can tap into all workweek long.  

Are classes suitable for all levels?

Where do we practice?

We design our classes to be an enjoyable flow for the beginner as well as the office guru.

However, if you have an office full of advanced yogis and want us to "bring it," just say the words.


Not an open office to spare? That's ok. You would be suprised how quickly a boardroom converts into a sleek studio, a kitchen space becomes a lively stretching square, or a patio can morph into a sweet little meditation garden.  And don't worry Desk Meets Mat will always clean up and put the space back together before we go.

If you're still unsure though, we're happy to swing by and brainstorm with you.

 Why offer coroporate wellness with Yoga? 

When is a good time for yoga in the office?

There are a number of reasons to offer your employees a Corporate Wellness program that support the bottom line. It is reported that companies spend $14,000 per employee due to medical related productivity costs annually. Yikes!
Insurance premiums go down due to reduced risk in employees lifestyle with regular exercise. 
Lowers employee turnove rate: 
studies show that employees favor working for companies with wellness programs. 
Reduces Stress! It's estimated that 90% of doctor visits in the States are a result of stress. 
Positive moral with higher energy levels among your team. Yoga helps us to gravitate toward the positive in our daily lives, thus helping to promote a more positive work environment. 
Regular yoga and meditation help to reduce cases of Flu and Colds , thus reducing number of sick days and infectious employees around the office. 
Yoga treats neck and back pains that arrise through hours spent at a desk. 
Yoga is a team builder . It creates a positive, common topic for employees to discuss, avoiding the ever popular disgruntal "bonding." 
Mornings  are very popular as it helps to wake employees up, starts the day with positive energy, sheds homelife distractions, and allows for a more focused team throughout the full day. Mornings are easy to schedule too - We can easily schedule for an hour before work starts or 30 minutes prior with a 15 minute roll-over into the start of the day, or you can schedule a quick and energizing 45 minutes during the start of the day.

Before and during lunch are great times too. Studies have shown that when introduced to yoga, people naturally tend to make healthier food choices. ..and with healthier food choices at lunch, employees are less lethargic and more attentive during the second half of the workday, creating a more radiant and productive office.
At the end of the day or after work are excellent times to unwind from a fast-paced, demanding work day. This is a perfect way to thank your team for busting their butts, while reducing the amount of work related stress they take home.
* The only time  we do not recommend is within 2 1/2 hours after lunch. 


What about mats?

If you've got your own mat, bring it! It's fun to let those funky yoga colors fly.
   ..but of course we know how life goes, so we too will bring some mats (typically 4 or 5) for those in need.


What to wear ?

There is a lot of movement in yoga and for that reason loose-fitting clothing is perfect. No need for the trending gear either:
Guys typically do well with swim trunks or light sweatpants and a t-shirt or tank top.
Ladies are just fine in fitness pants or light sweatpants and t-shirt or tank top.

Where will Desk Meets Mat travel to?

Our certified yoga instructors come to you, like a traveling yoga and meditation service. Desk Meets Mat travels to offices in Boulder, Longmont, Gunbarrel, Niwot, & Lyons Colorado. 
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